Back from the Southern Rock Townsville Sexpo. (Part 2)

Ready for another days readings

Life In the Fast lane.

Wow what a powerful 3 days of meeting new and different people. I had a chance to interact and make close friends with 8 other beautiful psychics, whose skills lay in many areas of the trade. I was lucky enough firstly to be invited for the weekend from the lovely Regina who organises and runs the readings for the Sexpo throughout Australia. A lot of us meet each other for the first time on Friday at 10.30am on the morning of the first day of the show.We came from all over Australia, far and wide. A few of the lady’s have had work with Regina before as well as doing other events and fairs over the years. We all joined hands and had a prayer and a opening comment and then we were off and running……

Being use to being one of the few males in most workshops and groups, it was nice to have a another male Vinnie to balance out the feminine power oozing from the tent. His intuitive powers in seeing and sensing the person aura were beyond belief and with his natural intuitive ability’s, always left the clients wanting more. Keep up the good work Vinnie, you will help so many more  to see their light.

Vinny sensing the girls aura's.

Hang on girls, you have a bright future ahead of you.

Next we have Katarina’s, a truly gifted lady from South, who has been doing the circuit for years and finds doing the expos is a good way to have have a break from the big smoke. At the back next to her were the impressive Monica and Jeanette doing great guns over the 3 days. Next was Vinnie and then on the front right was the lovely Barbara and her cards which go hand in hand with her natural intuitive ability.

Close Friends

Who's the Cheeky one ?

Next to me I had the lovely non pommie Mary (Proud Scot) and the gifted Liz. With Mary and her lovely angel cards and Liz with her Psychometry, it was a powerful front. A special thank you for Mary and her gift of the lovely cards with beautiful colours and messages to use in my readings. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart and they will be in use for all my special clients. And Liz it was a pleasure to know you for those few days and I hope you will keep reading as long as you want.

Townsville Sexpo

Mary and myself preparing for the onslaught.

Well it started off slow on Friday with most people still at work. We had a few coming through and in between we managed to stretch and check out the displays and shows.  Katarina almost drank the non alcoholic daiquiris dry from the bare chested guys next door. Wonder if bow tie and bare chests and smiles had anything to do with her looking flustered every time she looked at the boys?

Everyone was grateful to Debby for relieving at the front, handing out brochures and getting Subway,Chinese or Indian for us poor hungry psychics. I hear Deb was the self empowered Ambassor for our tent. Don’t know how she scored the samples she did, but she must have been doing something right.

Jack of all Trades, Debby

The Scounger of the pack

Saturday was a hard day on us with the crowd coming through all the time, usually the only break was when the shows were on briefly. Personally I had the pleasure of contacting with a few that have passed over and sending messages of love and encouragement to those left behind. I always feel happy when I can release their pain a bit over lost loved ones.

With the late finish on Saturday night we all went home exhausted for a good nights sleep.

All the reader busy.

Reading for a client

Sunday seemed to stretch out longer than it should have with small and infrequent crowds. For even though we loved our jobs most were counting the clock down till we stopped at 8PM and could then unwound. After packing up and cleaning the site we all looked forward to closing the circle and a late night feed at the Allans Pub. Deb and myself ran the shuttle bus to get us all there in 2 shifts and we proceeded to enjoy a lovely meal as the kitchen staff stayed and worked late to feed us.. What a beautiful way to part company after the last 3 intensive days over a meal and a glass or two. After dropping all back at Jupiters Casino we felt a sadness over parting with such good friends we had just found. I sure we will find each other again in the near future. Love and Blessing to all, from Deb and Myself.

A lovely smile from the boss and Vinnie.

Lovely smile with Regina and Vinnie out the front.

Once again I would like to thank all those involved with our wonderful 3 days in Townsville and although it wasn’t profitable in the wallet, there was an abundance for the heart for all our new found friends. Hugs xx to all.

With Clients

Vinnie and Barbara at work.


Thanks everyone In the next part I will tell about the little survey I ran with my clients as I was interested to find which star signs were more in attentance with the readings. Now for the photo gallery. Cheers everyone,Steve



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