Spiritual Movie Night

Last night we all had the pleasure of each others company at the lovely Aydens and Rosetta place at Whitfield. It was such a relaxing night enjoying the movie/s and simulating conversation at the end.The first feature was a interesting short film on the retreating icecaps through Camera Photography over a period of years. It hard to argue with such persuasive images.Taken all over the globe it show the relationship of mans impact on CO2 levels and the resulting melting of the icecaps since the industrial revolution compared to thousands of years before. For those that want to watch this 10 minute short video click on the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WS-x-Eo4-Sg

The next movie was on a visionary designer and inventor who since the 1920-30’s has been a steady vault of ideas on the future of society, cities and inventions. A very interesting look at the future from a wiseman. He touched on some interesting comments about Governments and race and war. Well worth seeing.

Thanks once again Rosetta and Ayden. We are looking for a location for the next movie night at the end of August. Any one interested in opening their place up for a few hours , please drop me a line.Till then happy viewing and see you all soon

PS Next Monday we will be holding another free reiki night at Alains for those that are interested. Starting at 7 pm Sharp and going till 9.

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