Here are but a few of my testimonials from my satisfied clients both in readings, healings and workshops.. I have too many to put them all on here but as they say the best advertising is word of mouth and I always get return clients as well as their friends and work colleagues.

Reading / Energy Healing Comments and Testimonials.

Mar 2017 Susanna  

Steve Spiritboy you are an amazing Healer and have the gift to heal with love & light.You are also a genuine Clairvoyant & psychic who channels important messages through from the Spirit world. You have a caring and sincere nature and a golden heart with good intention and a delightful sense of humor. 7 stars of recommendation ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Sincerely Susanna Isabella (Medium)

Mar 2017 Elyza Thank you Steve for your insight and inspiration into Tarot. The day flowed beautifully and I got a lot out of it.
Mar 2017 Maria Thank You. Learnt so much and more. And learnt more about myself x.
Feb 2017 Kirsty Amazing session. Thank you so much for your teachings and wisdom.
Feb 2017 Keshna Thank you Steve, had a great experience, learnt heaps 🙂 You’re a great teacher.
Dec 2016 Keeley Very enjoyable experience, learning tarot and numerology. Friendly environment, I will definitely be back.
Nov 2016 Kay Wonderful day, great healing, great learning experience.
July 2016 Leanne Right place and right time. Rewarding experience, gentle peaceful and fun. Leanne
July 2016 Rodney Always a brilliant day. Keep doing it Steve, you make a big difference to the planet.
July 2016 Deb Excellent insight and wisdom imparted by Steve, fun playing with so many crystals and energies. Abundance and creation for all – Love and Healing xx
July 2016 Aubrey Such an insightful experience – Thank you so much! Definitely confirmed that I am on the right path 🙂 🙂 🙂
Apr 2016 Bruce So blessed to be here today. Thank you Steve for sharing. I learnt so much. Namaste
Jan 2016 Leonie-May Thank you so much for sharing and the amazing confirmations. I got a heightened level of the world I live and work in. x oxxx
Dec 2015 Sarah Excellent! Very helpful and understanding. Great to know everything is going to be ok.
Dec 2015 Jacki Always a good insight into the future.
Dec 2015 Teresa Great experience, Deceased family came through.
Nov 2015 Andrea Powerful, spiritual and plenty of healing energy. Love and light.
Sept 2015 Christine L I am overwhelmed, it was all and more than I expected.
Sept 2015 Toni Profound. Spiritually grounding and hopeful. Most beneficial healing reading ever, x thank you.
Sept 2015 Audrey He confirmed what I was thinking, now I know what I need to do to change things.
Sept 2015 Marita Feel very clear and inspirational now…..and the fear has gone. Thank You.
Sept 2015 Marie Feeling relieved. I felt Steve understood and made a huge difference. Thank You 🙂
August 2015 Kelina Mc Always a pleasure seeing Steve. So calming and gives great advice.
May 2015 Steve R He has a big Heart, very loving with a smile.
 March 2015 Shani Mc I have learnt so much new information. You are a great mentor and very intuitive reader. 🙂
March 2015 Katie P Informative, fun and awesomely interesting. Intriguing too ’cause its accurate!’