Tough Going In Cairns Economy.


Person at Mailbox with Lots of Bills to be Paid clipart

It still amazes me when I see and hear about people struggling and doing it hard, in the cairns area in particular. The number of shops closed , the lack of building work, the limited tourists visiting, all these things and more make the cairns growth almost backward moving. The sad  thing is this is not just recent, but has been happening for a while, and unless your in the government sector, most of us are doing it hard. Every  second person I speak too has a struggle, with the cost of living going up, rates, water, electricity are but a few.

Lets hope that we are turning the corner sooner rather than later, as the governments can only squeeze so much juice out of a orange. Until then buckle those belts even tighter and smile, knowing we get to vote soon to remove the pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Agree or disagree ?

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