Unfolding Workshop at Atherton

Owners of Tranquil Gardens Atherton

Hello again all you beautiful People. What a weekend I have just come back from in the heart of the rich lush Atherton Tablelands. The diversity of wildlife and fauna is truly something special. We were lucky enough to stay at the spacious property of Jan’s and Trevor’s at Tranquil Gardens on the outskirts of Atherton. Every morning the birds of all shapes and sizes would sing and fly amongst the trees, wallaby’s or kangaroos with baby in toe would hop across the pasture, wow, what a truly special place.

Coming from the bristling city of Cairns to this wholesome place was such a lovely contrast on the senses. Only when you can calm your head and pace the true beauty of this place can be recognised. Mediating among the gum trees with clouds floating overhead set the scene for this amazing weekend of growth for all involved.

One of the unfolding spots

Surrounded by Gums.

Alain who designed and has run these unfolding courses for over 15 years and his lovely assistant Donna took us on an individual journey of self discovery.The course does as it sounds, slowly over the weekend peeling away the false layers ourself and others have placed on us, to get the real core of our existence. On this weekend we discovered many different talents, dancing around the camp-fire with the lovely Hose, searching deep talks with the lovely John and Sigrid as well as crystal healing with the beautiful Donna and of course quick Psychic  Tarot readings through myself.

The journey is sometimes intense but what is truly remarkable is the laughter and group response to this call. Most of us would agree we haven’t express ourself’s and laughed so much for ages. Truly a journey of self discovery. We all now have another group of close friends to add to our spiritual family.

Thanks to Alain and Donna and hugs to each and every new member of my new family.

Fun and Laughter for all

The Group Portrait of Unfolding

“Knowledge is a powerful healer”. Alain runs regular Unfolding weekend courses throughout the year. These specialized course are highly recommended to all. Alain and myself also organise and run regular day development course on many subjects.

For more information please call Alain on 0740532088 or find him in my links on the right or connect with me Spiritboy via email or mobile 418773614 or this website.




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